This is a page to show some of my work as an audio engineer. Below are a couple of videos showing some post production audio that I have worked on.

I got interested in audio from playing in bands for several years, then I attended the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences to learn about what was, to me at that point in time, the "other side" of the world of music. I have since learned that there is way much more to the world of music than I had previously thought, but I learned a lot from CRAS and I subsequently went on to work in various recording studios in New York City. Some of the studios I have worked at include Clinton Recording Studios and J. Chris Griffin Productions out of The Cutting Room Studios, and Engine Room Audio.

In addition to working at these various studios, I also do freelance audio engineering (recording, mixing, etc.) and I've also done guitar work for various hip hop producers.

Notable artists that I have worked with include Misfit Dior, Josh London, Jus Jack, Rachel Griffin, Jim Keller, Matt Kurz and A Guy N A Girl.

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